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Mentor and teacher candidate working together to design or modify aspects of instruction.


A 3-minute guide to co-planning

Tools to Use Today

Check out the guide to this practice and tools (we'll eventually build these in) you can print and use together.

  • Mentor’s guide: Co-planning with feedback

    What is this practice? Co-planning with feedback involves you and the teacher candidate working together to design or modify aspects of instruction, explicitly discussing 1) goals for student learning, 2) possible choices you could make and their pros/cons, and 3) ways of supporting specific learners...

  • Science lesson planning checkpoints

    Tasks that prompt students to show their reasoning are great for formative assessment purposes, but only if they help you delve deeply into what students are thinking!  This planning tool provides useful checkpoints for designing tasks that ask students to write evidence-based explanations in science....

  • Tool: Setting up co-planning conversations

    This tool helps both mentor and TC get ready for co-planning, once a lesson topic has been identified. Consider using the “Mentor’s Pocket Guide for Making Your Thinking Explicit” as you discuss. Begin the co-planning process at least a couple days ahead of the lesson...

  • 3 Conversation Practices

    How to select the right kind of conversation to have about teaching and learning For mentors, different kinds of dialogue with teacher candidates can provide unique opportunities for learning and growth. In broad strokes, there are three types of mentoring conversations, each used for different...

So, What's This All About?

A short video to show you the basics of the practice, examples from classroom life, and when to use it.

Why is it important?

Planning and modifying instruction is a pivotal part of the work of teaching. As an experienced teacher, you have planned and modified your instruction over many years, and much of your planning may nowadays play out “in your head.” For the TC, on the other hand, it is imperative to experience how planning and modifying lessons is done as an explicit and regular practice, and the kinds of considerations that go into designing cohesive instruction.


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